3 Popular Indian Cuisine Fine Dining Restaurants in Bangkok

In Bangkok, a city that is known for its delectable native cuisine, fine dining is truly a culinary art. With the variety of cuisines, Thai and international, served throughout the thoroughfares, you can indulge in tastes from around the globe. However, fine dining requires a superior level of excellence and customer satisfaction. When it comes to Indian cuisine in Bangkok, the challenge of adhering to the traditional flavours is difficult. The ingredients used in Indian cooking are sometimes unavailable, and even when available, they tend to taste different. Further, a restaurant in Bangkok should competently cater to the flavours of the neighbourhood as well! Bringing this unique experience to Indian cuisine in Bangkok, three restaurants are topping the Indian food leaderboards. Among all fine-dine places in Bangkok, these restaurants combine wholesome food with affordability to exhibit the culture of India. Check out these three most popular fine dining restaurants in Bangkok.

a. Patiaala House

With authentic culinary preparations straight from the heart of northern India, Patiaala House is widely known for its warm and traditional Punjabi flavours. For those craving a flavoursome dine-in vegetarian dinner, booking a table with Patiaala House is the solution. For those who yearn for classic non-vegetarian preparations from India, Patiaala House is the place to go. A full-fledged restaurant with exceptional catering services Patiaala House also offers superb booking services. Their online food delivery is time-efficient as they strive to bring the best of Indian food steaming to your doorstep. For a grand evening, you can also order their red and white House Wines. With these remarkable services, Patiaala House wins the smiles of its customers, as shown in their resounding positive testimonials.

b. IndiaGate

Spanning the tastes of India, north to south and east to west, IndiaGate’s offerings are as varied as those of the country. In Bangkok, Indiagate has carved a name for itself as the people’s favourite restaurant serving Indian cuisine. Its bold, experimental style has propelled Indiagate to explore fusion cuisine combining Indian flavours with Thai ingredients for a rewarding culinary journey. With a holistic environment, Indiagate is a family restaurant and a fun place for children. With their hassle-free online booking systems, be sure to book your table for an unforgettable experience that transports you to a magical world.

c. Asoka Restaurant

One of the rare restaurants that can offer both excellent quality and an impressive quantity of meals. With its range of buffet and dine-in services, Asoka Restaurant incorporates the flavours of time-honoured Indian thalis. Be it family parties or business buffets, Asoka specialises in efficient and masterly preparation and presentation of food. Anyone who has been to Asoka needs to mention the fabulous ambience of its halls. With its thematically appropriate work, Asoka even provides catering services for all occasions. If you could do with an Indian food caterer for any large-scale event, Asoka is the best affordable restaurant you can book. If a small outing is what you desire, Asoka is a real value for money restaurant.

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