Where to Eat the Best Amritsari Kulcha in Bangkok?

The Capital of Punjab might be Amritsar, but guess where is the capital of Punjabi food in Bangkok

You guessed it right! It is the Patiaala House Restaurant.

The Patiaala House restaurant is one of the most liked Indian Restaurant of Bangkok that serve choicest Punjabi Dishes across the city. Well when we have already laid a lot of emphasis on the Punjabi cuisine, how can we forget the famous Amritsari Kulcha?

Amritsar is the golden capital of Punjab province of India and is home to one of holiest Punjabi shrines across the world, Shri Darbar Sahib. The holy city is also famous for one more thing, the Amritsari Kulcha. The crispy and buttery Indian bread made authentically in amritsar is liked by foodies across the Indian subcontinent.

The Patiaala House restaurant specialises in Punjabi cuisine and Amritsari Kulcha is one of the signature dishes. Serving authentic Indian food in Bangkok they have a wide range of dishes available.

The Amritsari Kulcha is served in many variants at the Patiaala House Restaurant:


  • Aloo Kulcha with Cholle: The kulcha is stuffed with a mixture of seasonings and mashed potatoes and is heated to a high temperature in Tandoor. It is then served with Cholle curry and sliced onions.
  • Gobi Kulcha with Cholle: The Cauliflower stuffed indian Kulcha is cooked in Tandoor and is seasoned with a dash of melted butter. It is served with Cholle and sliced onions.
  • Mix Kulcha with Cholle: The Kulcha that is mixed with different seasonings and vegetables is toasted on tandoor and topped with butter. The Cholle topped with chopped coriander are served along.
  • Paneer Kulche with Cholle: The kulcha stuffed with Paneer (cottage cheese) is served with Cholle and is very delicious.
  • Cheese Kulcha with Cholle: The kulcha bread is stuffed with cheese and is served with cholla curry. The cheese based bread is really tasty as it is topped with butter and is always promising in taste.
  • Onion Kulcha with Cholle: The slices of crispy and aromatic onions are kneaded and stuffed in Kulcha bread and toasted on high temperatures in the Tandoor.
  • Spl. Laccha Stuffed Kulcha with Cholle: The special dish of India Gate restaurant (a  sukhumvit Indian restaurant ) is a Kulcha stuffed with Aloo Laccha and served with butter and pickle.

Non Vegetarian:

  • Keema (chicken/ mutton) Kulcha with Gravy: Meat of your choice served with Kulcha bread toasted in a Tandoor is a perfect gift to the taste buds. The Chicken and Mutton variants are available separately and are served along with gravy and topped with butter.
  • Special Laccha stuffed (Chicken/ Mutton) Gravy : The kulcha stuffed with aloo laccha and served with a Chicken and Mutton Gravy as per your choice is a tasty dish.

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