Vaishno Food: Authentic Indian Cuisine in Bangkok

The Indian cuisine is a typical cuisine and majorly focuses on both vegetarian and non-vegetarian versions of food. A true Indian foodie shall always know the alternative of a non vegetarian dish in the veg.

Be it from the soy chunks which perfectly balance the urge of chicken and mutton to the vaishno variants.

What Exactly is Vaishno?

Punjab cuisine is a famous cuisine of Indian subcontinent. The Punjabis are very enthusiastic about food and they never compromise on taste and aroma. Meanwhile those Punjabis who only eat vegetarian are big time fans of VAISHNO/ vegetarian food available in dhabas. VAISHNO food is typically made from clarified butter known as GHEE in India. The authentic vaishno food consists of ghee as its main tempering agent while its given flavour using the ground spices that add taste to it.

The Vaishno cuisine in Bangkok is available at indian restaurants in sukhumvit like The patiaala house restaurant which is also famous as the Shaan of punjabi cuisine. Some of the VAISHNO Dal delicacies served here are:

  1. Dal Makhani: The most famous craft of vaishno cooking style, dal makhani is a cream textured dal/ lentil soup that is made using ground spices, onions, clarified butter, whole black lentils, red kidney beans and cream. It is served in its authentic style in a stainless container.
  2. Rajma Masala: The red kidney beans based curry is a famous member of the vaishno menu. The rajma is a nutritional bean and is famous for the carbohydrates it provides. The mixture of ghee, slices of tomato and water on a simmering heat provides it with a thick texture.
  3. Dal Tadka: As the name suggests, the dal tadka is a hot soup of lentils made using tempered spices and ghee. The lentil soup is then given a deep stir on igh flames for a few minutes and is then served directly to you. The bangkok indian restaurant is famous for the online deliveries across the city.
  4. Sarso da saag: The famous mustard based authentic punjabi dish that is served with the famous Indian bread, makke di roti is one of the famous curries of the Vaishno Menu. It is given a huge dash of ghee and is tempered with spices. The vaishno menu available at the patiaala house restaurant is vast and has many options available in it. The ghee acts as a major fat and is highly nutritious. The ghee also helps adding a special smoky aroma to the food.

The patiaala house restaurant is one such restaurant which focuses on Indian buffet in Bangkok too. The delivery is always open for the entire city. The restaurant focuses not only on Indian cuisine but also authentic Chinese. The north Indian food available here is exceptional and unwatchable when it comes to authenticity The city of Bangkok becomes multicolor with the presence of so many cuisines. Whenever you crave something happening and delicious, don’t doubt your taste buds and order online from patiaala house restaurant

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