Best Indian Restaurant in Bangkok

A gourmet’s tongue may demand delicious and spicy Indian cuisine anywhere, even in Bangkok. And we are here to cater to its gastronomical desires. However difficult it might feel to find the most delicious Indian food in Bangkok, there are plentiful. But to savor the best, most authentic Indian dishes, head directly to the Patiaala House. Here you will find an array of flavorful options to make a feast out of every meal. From peppery samosas to juicy chicken tikka, you will find mouth-watering variety that will make it difficult to stop at just one dish. It is the versatility of Patiaala House that makes us the best Indian restaurant in the capital city of Thailand.

A Place to Taste the Diversity that is the Indian Cuisine

Though the name of this restaurant has been inspired by a city in Punjab, the menu does not shy away from catering popular dishes of other cities as well. Kathi rolls, popular food item from Kolkata in West Bengal makes the menu as diverse and full of variety as the subcontinent itself.

Authentic Indian Cuisine Across Bangkok

Prepared by our world-class chef, each dish served at Patiaala House assures quality. Served with tempting aroma and rich flavors, each dish tastes so authentic, it will transport the guest to the alleys of India. With respect to the diverse eating culture of India, Patiaala House caters to both, non-veg lovers and vegetarians. From satiating hara-bhara kabab to succulent mutton kadhai, the restaurant serves potpourri of dishes widely famous in the Indian cuisine. Thus, making for a great choice as Indian vegetarian restaurant in Bangkok.

A Comfortable Space with Great Ambiance for a Foodie Treat

The food is delicious at Patiaala House but that is not it. The entire ambiance of the restaurant creates exceptional dining experience. Families, couples, and friends can easily come and enjoy their time together while relishing scrumptious food. The friendly staff ensures to cater to all the needs of a guest. Arrangements are made to make everyone feel at comfort, at home.

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Convenience Assured with Food Meals Delivered to Home

Another reason that makes Patiaala House the best Indian restaurant in Bangkok is that it offers the ease and comfort of takeout home delivery. Had a hard day in office or a long day in the field? No problem. Just slip into the coziest PJs, put on a favorite TV show, and order meals to home. Glide easily into rest of the day and enjoy every minute of it with appetizing Indian food, cooked fresh and delivered to the home. Be it a friend’s night out or home alone night, Patiaala House looks after your gastronomic needs.

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