Best Tours and Attractions in Thailand with Indian Food!

Bangkok. A food lover’s paradise, a potpourri of spices and aromas galore. Whether you visit from afar or live in the city, every street holds a new taste to discover. From Khlong Toey to Ratchaprarop, the diversity of cuisine brings you street food stalls, fine dining restaurants, and authentic local diners. Wherever you come from, original Thai food is a must-have if you’re in Bangkok. Pad Thai, Khao Pad Sapparod, and Tom Yum Goong are dishes you must try in authentic Thai eateries. Make sure you try the delectable street food as well. Fishball noodle soup, meat satay, and steamed buns are just a few of the spicy, mouth-watering treats the streets of Bangkok can offer you. However, if you are a Bangkok resident or an Indian visitor, a special meal to remember would be an evening of traditional Indian dining. Although vastly different in their ingredients and cooking styles, both Thai and Indian cuisines have a natural tendency for spicy, flavourful food. Most Asian cuisine comprises elaborate cooking techniques with spice to enhance a variety of palates. In Bangkok, whether you’re homesick or looking for something new, Bangkok’s choicest Indian restaurants hold exciting flavour opportunities for you. Visiting Bangkok, design your tour in a way that takes you to these restaurants for a taste of authentic Asian cooking.

India Gate Restaurant

Known for its Indian delicacies, the restaurant is highly ranked among its peers for its outstanding service, innovative cooking, customer satisfaction, and popularity. Boasting a menu that brings you the simple yet fulfilling meals from Punjabi dhabas and the subtle yet flavourful gravies from Mughal cuisine. It covers the gamut of cooking styles from quick street food dishes to slow-cooked tandoori delicacies. The very ambience of the restaurant brings the vibrancy of India, rather, the entirety of South-Asian culture to life.

Patiaala House

Wildly popular among the Indian as well as Thai customers, Patiaala House exemplifies in traditional Punjabi cooking. Especially for vegetarian customers, Patiaala House, as well as Indiagate, serve from a collection of the most popular vegetarian dishes. These recipes are often those passed down through generations as part of traditional home cooking. Jeera Aloo, for example, occupies a special place in North Indian culture, especially in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. However, the chefs also bring an innovative novelty to their menu through their fusion Indo-Chinese dishes. Each Punjabi preparation is enriched with spices and rich ingredients as characteristic of the cuisine. They further bring a wealth of services such as food delivery and buffets at affordable rates. Patiaala House achieves the ambition of serving authentic Indian food in Bangkok at pocket-friendly rates without compromising on quality.

Asoka Restaurant

Of all Indian restaurants in Bangkok, Asoka is the only one that can be called experience in and of itself. The sprawling halls and gardens of this restaurant afford a unique array of experiences you can choose from. Every visit, if you so decide, can give you a different style of dining, celebrating or hosting a party. With halls capable of serving large, small and VIP parties and a garden restaurant under the evening sky, Asoka offers you more services than any other eatery. Live music, dance floors, private dining and lounge areas make for a place that can never be tedious.

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