The most common and customizable set of food at any party or banquet event, the buffet is one of the most awaited parts of any occasion. Not only because it serves many people in one go, but also because it serves a huge spread of food. You just start and the food options seem endless to a limit where you have to fill your plate a zillion times to grub on all of them. The buffet is not only more cost efficient, but it also comes with a vast options on various courses of food. Be it from starters to main course or from accompaniments to desserts.

Being a foodie from India will always attract your mind to trying out buffets whenever and wherever possible. When in Bangkok, you don’t have to think twice before finding the perfect place for the authentic Indian Buffet, The Patiaala House Restaurant.

Situated in the posh streets of the Thai capital this restaurant is the true reflection of Indian taste and culinary excellence. The buffet spread serves a minimum of thirty people in one go and is operational over multiple meals. They serve Lunch, High Tea, Dinner and Cocktail as buffet with a huge variety of food and accompaniment options.

After brunch comes the LUNCH:

The Patiaala House restaurant comes forth with many options for the lunch buffet. Select the best food that suits your gut and leave the rest on them. They’ll make your experience worth the while. Operating between 12:30 and 15:00 hours, the lunch buffet serves many amazing dishes. Providing you with one Soup, One Dal, three Veg / two Non-Veg main course options they also let you select one Rice preparation, two assorted breads, a salad and two desserts all as per your choice. All you need to do is reserve.

The full and final meal of the day, DINNER!

Coming to you with a similar number of dish selection options as lunch, The Patiaala House restaurant makes some amazing palatable dishes for Dinner. Embracing your hungry soul with some tactful and aromatic Veg and Non-Veg food preparations the spread is open from 20:00-23:30 hours.

The Reservation is possible online via website too. You have various occasion options like Family/Corporate Lunch and Dinner or other occasions. There is also an option for additional messages to be delivered to the restaurant for any preferences you wish to be taken care of. 

At the Patiaala House Restaurant you’ll be served on priority and will always get the aura of elegance. The Shaan of Indian Cuisine, this restaurant never fails to cater best experiences with the food and beverage they prepare! They follow all levels of sanitization too!

The buffet at The Patiaala House Restaurant is cooked and presented in a manner that it becomes easy for you to decide what you want to eat. The taste remains uncompromised and the quality is always up to the expected standards.

Barge in and start Binge eating from any part of their menu! 
Happy Eating!

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