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The Chinese food has long been waiting to meet your taste buds and make you fall for it. The Chinese cuisine which is famous as Asian and oriental cuisine is also a major member of many menus across the world. The food, the sauces and the main courses of Chinese cuisine are extremely delectable. The Chinese food is not only about the sauces and long noodles but so much more.

The Chinese food is also famous for the tanginess and the spiciness but also for its ethnicity. Food in China is eclectic because of the variety it holds from different regions of the country. While most of us think its only about noodles and dumplings, there is so much more unexplored.

The Chinese food is palatable and eye appealing. The food delivery in Bangkok for Chinese food is very convenient as the patiaala house restaurant delivers across the city the entire day. The online delivery of
Chinese food is also one of the most prevalent choices of eaters. The food is always hot, fresh and delivered in the clean methods.

The Chinese rice are one of the most unexplored dishes of the Chinese cuisine. The Chinese rice comes with so many flavors and sauces infused that they taste absolutely delicious. Whilst the majority of rice
dishes are full of sauces and raw cut vegetables, some of them are very region specific. The schezwan being one of the famous ones is the mainstream rice dish of the Chinese cuisine. The patiaala house
being one of the top Indian restaurants in Bangkok, also serves the best in class Chinese dishes and Chinese rice preparations.

Mingle your taste buds with these rice dishes:


  • Vegetable fried rice: a pan tossed vegetable rice recipe that consists of sauces like soy and green chilli and are spiced up using red chilli sauce.The rice are tossed on high flames and are mixed with beans, green chilli and cut vegetables that compliment the dish perfectly.
  • Vegetable Schezwan Fried rice: The schezwan version of the fried rice consists of a dash of schezwan sauce. The addition of the schezwan sauce makes it look reddish and adds extra hotness.
  • Vegetable Triple schezwan fried rice: The triple dash of schezwan sauce in veg fried rice is the hottest thing one can have. Its tangy and tasty.


  1. Chicken Fried Rice: The fried rice mixed with the chunks of chicken and tossed on high flame with rice and cut veggies.
  2. Chicken Schezwan Fried Rice: The rice dish with a dash of schezwan sauce and chicken chunks in it. They are hot and spicy at the same time.
  3. Chicken Triple Schezwan fried rice: The fried rice with the three dashes of schezwan sauce in it. These are extremely tasty and tangy.
    The Chinese fried rice awaits your presence. Order delicious food in Bangkok now!

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