Did you know – these drinks perfectly complement your food?

Pushing past the limits of our cravings and urge to explore food, we the big time Social nomads are always in search of food that takes us to a journey of tasty experiences and mouthful food eating habits. On the quest of trying new cuisines most of us do stop by the Asian counters in our areas at least once. Asian cuisine has been a high time favourite for many food connoisseurs and bloggers. This cuisine has proven its presence on the global map with footprints in every single nation. The Food Celluloid reached a milestone when some famous Asian cuisines such as North Indian and Chinese came into play as mainstream cookeries across the world.

Cooking is just one part of Serving of food and its palatability. The other major part comes when it is exclusively paired with a beverage. While a few pairings typically need sommeliers to pair wines with food, some only need your experience and traditional inheritance that has been going on for years and has settled in your taste buds to the core.

The food and beverage pairings are majorly done based on few points mentioned here:

  1. The texture of food and the body of the beverage on how mouthful it is.
  2. The colour of meat and the degree of fat it contains.
  3. The taste that falls in contrast with each other for both food and beverage.
  4. The acidic nature of beverage.
  5. Temperature.
  6. The time of meal you are serving (Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner).

Suggestions of food and /beverage pairing for some Asian Cuisines:


North Indian cuisine and the eating habits are quite different from rest of India. North Indian food majorly specialises in Oily food and stuffed breads made with whole wheat or refined flours. Such food needs time and basic neutralisers in body to be gullible so that the consumer can digest it with ease.

North Indian food is majorly paired with milk based beverages which include buttermilk and Lassi (a chilled beverage made from yogurt). There are also some common water based drinks which include Jaljeera, Pudina (Mint) Juice and Fresh Lime Soda.

When we talk of Punjabi cuisine, they prefer having food with milk based beverages and alcoholic beverages served with ice on side.

Some famous Punjabi and North Indian pairings include

  1. Amritsari Kulcha with Lassi/ buttermilk.
  2. Non Veg Kebabs with Lager beers
  3. Veg Kebabs with Jal Jeera and Mint Juice
  4. Red wine with Lamb curries and White wine with Chicken curries
  1. Chinese cuisine

The Chinese cuisine is highly diversified and is very specific when it comes to different dishes coming from different regions of Chinese Mainland. The food varies on its oiliness and the texture. While some dishes are totally vegetable based and just need a slight drizzle of oil with low acidic content, others are deep fried and cooked on high temperatures with a crispy texture.

Some famous Chinese pairings include:

  1. Beer or Cold Soft drinks with Shanghai Noodles
  2. White wine with Chicken Fried Rice

However, the pairing also depends on the consumer’s mood and occasion. Authentic pairing styles are pretty stringent about their rules but they can always be varied based on the occasion and need of the consumer by keeping in mind the food preferences.

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