Patiaala House: Best fine dine Indian Restaurant in Bangkok

The Patiaala House restaurant is one of the most liked Indian Restaurant of Bangkok that serve choicest Punjabi Dishes across the city. Well when we have already laid a lot of emphasis on the Punjabi cuisine, how can we forget the signature dishes?

Amritsar is the golden capital of Punjab province of India and is home to one of holiest Punjabi shrines across the world, Shri Darbar Sahib. The holy city is also famous for one more thing, the Amritsari Kulcha and other amazing dishes.

The Patiaala House restaurant specialises in Punjabi cuisine and offers various Punjabi signature dishes. Serving authentic Indian food in Bangkok they have a wide range of dishes available.

What’s in it to explore about the cuisines? Let’s roll our eyes over the menu:

  • Amritsari Kulcha: The Amritsari Kulcha is one of the signature dishes of the restaurant. The kulcha is a special Indian bread toasted in the Clay oven, Tandoor and is topped with a dash of butter.
  • Snacks and Rolls: Patiaala House is the best restaurant to have snacks and rolls in the town. Serving both vegetarian and non- vegetarian delicacies, they serve authentic food.
  • Starters: The veg and non-veg starters are not only delicious but rewarding to the taste buds. The bite sized ready to eat food are the best one can start a meal with.
  • Main course: Patiaala House is known for serving the most exquisite menu with the greatest number of main courses available for the food lovers. The main course includes Veg and Non- veg options (Mutton, Chicken, Fish and Prawn curries)
  • Rice preparations and Indian Breads: The rice preparations of Patiaala House include Plain Rice, Biryani, Pulao and Jeera Rice.
  • Indian Breads: The Sukhumvit Indian Restaurant is famous for the eclectic and crispy Indian breads. The breads freshly baked in tandoor and topped with a dash of melted butter is the best combination to have with the main course curries.
  • Thali: The legendary Thali platter is one of the most liked platters for many Indian foodies. It includes an entire meal in one platter and is equally stomach filling. Patiaala House Restaurant serves thali in both veg and non-veg version.
  • Dahi, Papad and Salad: any meal is incomplete without a side course. The Patiaala House serves Raita, curd, Salad and papad in the vast options from accompaniments.
  • The restaurant also serves Chinese side and main courses along with the vast Indian menu.
  • Drinks: The Patiaala House serves non alcoholic drinks on dine in orders
  • Sweets: The restaurant also serves the select Indian sweets on order.

When in Bangkok? Don’t worry about your favourite Indian Food. Pick up your phone and search Indian Restaurants near me, and we shall be at your service.

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