Get Authentic Flavors of the Indian Cuisine in Bangkok

Authenticity is about the flavor, the ingredients used, and the aroma of a dish. When a dish belongs to a cuisine, it becomes a part of that region’s culture and lifestyle. Preparing any cuisine requires the chef to be honest only then is the authentic flavor of the region can be served. Patiaala House understands that. Being one of the few authentic Indian restaurants in Bangkok, it strives to present its guests a genuine taste from India. The entire menu is dedicated to flavorsome Indian appetizers and main course.

The ingredients and produce used to prepare each dish are hand-picked to ensure quality and a tempting aroma. When it comes to serving satiating food, Patiaala House knows what it’s doing.

Best Flavors that Make Mouth Water

Paatiala House determines to present food that looks tasty and tastes scrummy. A variety of tandoori, spicy, and garnished dishes combine to curate the comprehensive Indian menu of the restaurant. All ingredients in the dish add a familiar taste that will be relished by those seeking to taste the homemade thali in Bangkok. Down-home additions like chhole kulche and biryani effortlessly bring the nostalgic air of Chandni Chowk and Hyderabad to Thailand. In short, gourmands looking for a tasty meal from any part of India find their haven at this restaurant.

The variety served at Patiaala House will appeal to all – vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians. Those with a knack to enjoy their meals in PJs at home can order home food online.

An Equally Comprehensive Continental Menu

Not only does the restaurant serve the best Indian food in Bangkok but also offers an extensive Continental menu. After all, who doesn’t like pasta glazed in white sauce and pizza garnished with lip-smacking toppings? Continental food has its own variety that people relish, therefore, Patiaala House serves en-vogue cuisine as well. This also makes Patiaala House an excellent choice for friends and family that have different taste. In short, the diversity in menu makes the restaurant the perfect hang-out place.

Lovely Ambiance to Dine In

In addition to offering delicious dishes, this restaurant in Bangkok with Indian food also creates a lovely, fun environment to make each meal an experience to relish. Comfortable seating and spacious halls provide ample space for guests to rest while they await their orders. Carefully-chosen lighting adds a desirable warmth to the environment while still keeping the room lit to evoke a refreshing mood.

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