Hungry But Not So Much? Time to Slurp in some Curd!

Have you ever dived deep into the field of cookery before actually exploring a new food of any region? We often think of so many ingredients and wonder if they could be used as a main course or at least a side course. There are hundreds of cuisines across the world and some have even emigrated from different parts of the world. Some of the best examples are Oriental, Mediterranean, Thai and Indian. The Indian and Thai subcontinents are pretty close to each other and hence match a lot in eating habits. Both Indians and Thai love having sea food and dishes made from yoghurt.

Coming with its own microbial benefits, the yoghurt is used as a main course dish and also a thickening agent in Indian cuisine. The Indian Restaurants in Bangkok like Patiaala House are famous for making
you explore the authentic cuisine in a manner unexplored

If you think of the restaurants delivering Indian food anywhere Bangkok, Patiaala house restaurant is The Shaan Of India in that case. The pure yoghurt based recipes are usually cold in temperature and are mixed with some raw spices.

The captivating Indian Yoghurt or Dahi dishes served at and by Patiaala House restaurant are:

  • Plain curd: The Plain curd is best paired with Indian breads and dilutes the crisp. The curd is either consumed sweet or salty. Depending on the consumer’s mood, we can add salt, sugar and red chili powder for taste.
  • Dahi Bhalla: Dahi bhalla is a chaat item loved by Indians as a street food. It is served with tamarind chutney, salt, coriander powder and powdered cumin seeds. The Bhalla is a ball of lentils that’s porous inside and crispy outside. It is covered with curd and let to absorb for a
  • Pineapple Raita: Raita is an authentic Indian side course. The Pineapple Raita consists of cut pieces of pineapple with strained yoghurt. The smooth curd accompanies the pineapple pretty well and absorbs the sweetness of pineapple thus making it more soft to eat.
  • Cucumber Raita: The most common form of Indian Raita, cucumber raita is famous in many households. It refreshes the eater with its room temperature curd and is usually mixed with salt and red chili powder.
  • Mix Vegetable Raita: The yoghurt preparation includes sliced onions, tomatoes and cucumber. A combination of these vegetables and curd is topped with red chili and roasted cumin powder.
  • Boondi Raita: The most famous of all, the Boondi Raita is the most legendary curd dish. It is cold, and has crispy besan balls known as Boondis. Your nearby Indian Restaurant Bangkok, Patiaala House delivers it to you at your door step along with some amazing main courses.
  • Aloo Raita: The boiled potato pieces mixed in curd is famous in Punjabi cuisine. The aloo raita is an authentic Punjabi dish and is a part of many major meals.

Patiaala House being one of the top Indian restaurants in Bangkok is famous for its selection of dishes and the menu list.

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