Indian Chinese Food Delivery Restaurant in Bangkok

Indian Chinese food is unique yet favored as the sight of rice, noodles being dribbled with soy sauce, tossed with chilies, onion, and garlic. Chinese food is one of the oldest and most diverse cuisines over the globe.

Everyone loves to eat Chinese Cuisines whether it is Indian, Asian, European, or North America. Chinese food has a long history and it can be easily distinguished owing to its choice of ingredients, cooking process, and, cautious in the number of ingredients and its nourishment.

Most dishes are filled with massive quantities of vegetables, seafood, herbs, & spices. Chinese food is very nutritional and provides everything your body and metabolism need to be healthy. The ingredients such as Ginger, garlic, tofu, and sesame seeds provide you with a lot of health benefits. Chinese food can be easily prepared and customized to suit your taste buds which is another reason why people prefer to savor it.

Patiaala House Restaurant’s famous Chinese dishes

We serve Veg Chinese as well as Non-Veg Chinese food in our restaurant. Here are our top Chinese delicacies that you can savor in our restaurant:

  • Manchurian

It is a category of dishes with a sticky soy sauce base that’s been thickened with cornflour. It can be served as a wet gravy dish paired with rice or as a crisp sauce-coated appetizer. Our gravy-based Manchurian dishes often contain deep-fried chicken, prawns, or mixed vegetable balls.

  • Chicken Schezwan Fried Rice

If you are a non-vegetarian & craving to taste a mouth-watering non-veg Chinese food, then there is nothing better than Chicken Schezwan Fried Rice. Rice with chicken, prawns, and an assortment of veggies are included in this dish while cooking it, making it an ideal choice for you.

  • Hakka Noodles

These are wheat noodles tossed with chili sauce, and vegetables which are essential comfort food! So let your taste buds be astonished by our appetizing Hakka Noodles. This dish is irresistible as it is paired with a lot of veggies and sauce.

  • Chicken Lollipops

They are one of those divine appetizers that you can never get enough of! These are saturated and battered until crisp and are typically served with a spicy dipping sauce alongside.

  • Veg Fried Rice

It is one of the easiest and yummylicious Chinese dishes to relish in our restaurant. It is filled with a lot of capsicum, carrots, cabbage, & spring onion, making it super delicious. So what are you waiting for! It’s time to make your friends and family happier with this tempting dish.

Pre-eminent Chinese Food Delivery Restaurant in Bangkok

Patiaala House Restaurant is one of the best Indian restaurants in Bangkok that provide a huge variety of Chinese food at a pocket-friendly price. Our chefs have years of experience in cooking these dishes that make us the right choice to savor Chinese food in Bangkok. So, if you are craving to taste delectable Chinese food in Bangkok, then place an order now. We will deliver Chinese food right at your doorsteps!!

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