Craving Indian Kebabs and the Delicious Indian Food in Bangkok? STEP-IN!

The Indian kebabs are an artwork that are a piece of unmatched art coming from the hands of the experienced Indian chefs. The Indian kebabs are not only famous from one part of the country but from across the expanse. The North Indian kebabs especially cooked in Punjab and the north indian frontier are one of the delicacies that no one misses when in India. But let us ask you this! What about the Indian foodies from abroad? Well don’t worry when you are in Thailand’s capital Bangkok because we got you covered.

The Patiaala House restaurant also known as the shaan of Punjabi cuisine is the landmark restaurant that serves the Indian kebabs and dishes from the extensive menu in its authentic form. The Patiaala House restaurant is also famous for punjabi food delivery in Bangkok. The restaurant serves kebabs in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian variants. 

Some of the yummylicious vegetarian kebabs available at the Patiaala house restaurant are:

  • Paneer Makhmali Kebab: The velvety textured kebabs are roasted in the clay oven also known as tandoor. Marinated in a special mix of curd and cheese, it is white in color and served with chutneys.
  • Veg Seekh Kebab: The kebab is served on a skewer as the name suggests SEEKH at the Bangkok Indian restaurant, Patiaala House Restaurant. The kebabs are roasted in tandoor and have multiple glazed vegetables skewered together in a special coating which is spicy.
  • Hara Bhara Kebab: Pan fried spinach mixed with cheese and spiced vegetables served like a cutlet.

Some of the yummylicious vegetarian kebabs available at the Patiaala house restaurant are:


Chicken Reshami Kebab: The soft to touch and roasted in tandoor kebabs are amazing to taste. The chicken reshami kebab is made with cheese, curd, boneless chicken and many other spices and is extremely juicy.

Chicken seekh Kebab: Boneless pieces of chicken skewered and roasted in tandoor and coated with an amazing white coating are the best-in-class kebabs.

Murg Kalami Kebab: Chicken leg piece coated in yogurt, garam masala and roasted in tandoor are a smoky textured kebab that are delicious to taste.


  • Mutton Seekh Kebab: The red meat on a skewer and coated in a curdy mix of spices and flavourings that add the ultimate taste to it. The Mutton seekh kebab are served with chutneys.
  • Mutton Shammi Kebab: Minced mutton pattied with ground chick oeas, spices, egg etc. The shammi kebab is authentically syrian but is made in its own variant in Patiaala House the Indian fine dining restaurant Bangkok. 
  • Mutton Gulawti Kebab: The most famous of all, the gulawti kebab is famous for its rough texture coming from ground chick peas, masala, lemon etc. The kebab is toasted in clay oven tandoor and is served with chutneys.

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