Indian Mithas Presented with a Touch Class Apart!

Have you ever been deserted from the Desserts? Desserts are a stress-buster as the famous saying goes, “Desserts are just Stressed spelled backwards”. The desserts are sweet and mouthful to consume. Coated with sugar on the out and filled with sugary delight on the inside, desserts are usually the last course of any meal of any cuisine. Those with a sweet tooth tend to search for sweets even in the late hours of the night and yet never get done with their cravings.

Extremely famous for its sweet dishes, the Indian cuisine is filled with numerous Eclectic desserts. Cooked with traditional recipes, sweetening agents and love the Patiaala House Restaurant from Bangkok presents some of the select Indian desserts in its menu.

The core way to reach an Indian’s heart is through the sweets they make on every occasion. Commencing any special event or welcoming guests, Indians will always offer sweets to make the event even more happening and memorable. As they say, “that which starts sweet, ends sweeter!” similarly Indian sweets get tastier with every single bite.

Some of the most amazing Indian sweets served at The Patiaala House Restaurant are:

  • Special Pista Firni: The scrumptious blend of Milk and Rice, with a dash of sugar and pistachios. Firni is a delectable sweet dish.
  • Rabri: Off white colored milk based sweet preparation made by boiling it on simmering heat for long durations until thick/ viscous. Topped with saffron and dry fruits, Rabri is one of the most famous North Indian desserts.
  • Gulab Jamun: The most scrumptious delicacy from Indian sub-continent, gulab jamun is a spherical ball made with reduced dry milk. The ball is given a flavor of rose water, deep fried and coated in sugar syrup. It is usually topped with almonds.
  • Moong Dal Halwa: A sweet preparation made with moong lentils (petite yellow lentils), sugar, ghee (clarified butter) and cardamom powder. Brown/ slight orange in colour, Moong Dal Halwa is topped with chopped almonds.
  • Gajar ka Halwa: Grated carrot sweet preparation made with sugar, carrot, milk and clarified butter. Gajar ka Halwa is available seasonally and is served hot.
  • Gud ka Kada: The famous Punjabi Halwa made with jaggery, flour, clarified butter, cashew and water. Tempered on high temperatures, it is also served by Punjabis as a religious sweet.
  • Mango Kulfi: The Indian ice cream flavored in mango, this fruity and chilly delicacy is one of the most amazing sweet dishes. Made with mango puree, Mango kulfi is an authentic Indian dessert.

The Patiaala House Restaurant is an authentic restaurant serving the Indian Cuisine in its utmost actual form. Be it anyone, but Indians can never be separated from the most awaited course of their cuisine, Desserts. The desserts that Indians eat and enjoy shall be tried by everyone. They are enriched with addition of dry fruits, spices and served both hot and cold. These sweets are not only mouthful but also can pacify the craving of typical desserts. They have various forms yet the base remains constant, the Indian taste and the experience of the chefs.

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