Indian Rolls at the best Indian Restaurant in Bangkok – Patiaala House

Where can I get the best rolls in Bangkok? Patiaala House Restaurant is the answer!

Do you know who is craving rolls? We know it’s you ;). Every meal that we ever have starts with small tit bit sized rolls. The rolls from Indian cuisine are one of the tasty rolls you’ll ever have. The mouthful rolls are like taste bombs and titillate the senses the moment they touch your tongue. Indian rolls are not only wholesome but are also like a mini meal. They are nutritious and flavourful.

The Sukhumvit Indian restaurant serves some of the best variations of authentically cooked rolls and serves them just the way you like it. Patiaala house also delivers across the city on a special discounted rate of 30% when ordered from the website.

Get ready to have a watering mouth, we’re starting with the rolls!!!

Vegetarian Rolls

  1. Paneer Makhni Roll: The Paneer Makhani Roll is a deep fried roll made with stuffings of creamy cottage cheese tossed and aromatised with Indian spices and rolled with a pastry to be served with chutney and onion roundels.
  2. Paneer Chilly Roll: The deep-fried Indian pastry stuffed with mashed cottage cheese and spiced up with chilly.
  3. Paneer Kathi Roll: The Paneer Kathi Roll is an Indian bread made of whole wheat and pan fried to give it a crisp touch and stuffed with spiced up cottage cheese.
  4. Paneer Tikka Roll: Paneer (cottage cheese) toasted in a clay oven and stuff rolled in an Indian bread which is then pan fried and served hot with chutneys.

Non-Vegetarian Rolls

  1. Butter Chicken Roll: The delicious food served at the Patiaala house also consists of the Butter chicken Roll. The butter chicken roll is stuffed with shredded chicken thats stir fried and cooked with aromatic spices and vegetables. The chicken is then rolled into a whole wheat bread and served with sauce and roundels of onion.,
  2. Chicken chilly roll: The chicken chilly roll is a spicy snack. The chicken is cooked in hot sauces and chilli powder that gives it the red colour and flavours. The chilly chicken roll has a buttery texture and is served with mint chutney.
  3. Chicken Kathi roll: The shredded chicken pan fried with vegetables and aromatic spices is stuffed and rolled in the Kathi Bread. The kathi bread is a multilayer circular Indian bread. The authentic Indian Food served at Patiaala House is cooked in the authentic style too.
  4. Chicken tikka Roll: The dices of chicken marinated and toasted in clay oven are then rolled and stuffed into a bread which is then served with chutney and topped with sauces.
  5. Chicken Achari Tikka Roll: The chicken achari roll has dices of chicken fried and mixed with pickle to give the correct flavour and is served with rolled bread.
  6. Mutton Tikka Roll: It consists of diced mutton and vegetables rolled in Indian bread served along with mint chutney and onions.

What are you waiting for? Roll it up and order now!!

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