Indian snacks: Bangkok’s finest Street Indian Food

Are you also craving for some wholesome Indian snacks? Well, Patiaala house has got you covered. Presenting to you a plethora of authentic Indian food and snacks, Patiaala house’s menu ranges from snacks to main courses and from accompaniments to desserts. 

The snacks at the Patiaala House restaurant are cooked in sanitized kitchens that get delivered to you through the safest modes of delivery along with a special discount. When we talk about Indian snacks, they are wholesome and have the capacity to fill your palette and relish your hunger. 

Lets have a look at the Indian snacks available at the Patiaala House Restaurant:


  1. Mix Pakoda Bhajia: The mix Pakoda bhajia are small stuffed savouries made in spiced batter and deep fried until golden brown. The mix pakoda bhajia is served along with tomato ketchup and tastes the best.
  2. Paneer Pakoda: Shredded cottage cheese mixed with species and dipped in the batter of cornflour. It is then deep fried and served with ketchup
  3. Pav bhaji: The authentic dish of India, Pav bhaji is one of the most famous street foods of indian cuisine. Pav is an indian bread topped with melted butter. The bhaji is a mix of mashed vegetables like potato, tomato and others cooked into a thick gravy along with peas.
  4. Cholle Bhature: Cholle are Indian chickpeas soaked overnight and boiled in a gravy of tomato and onion. It is flavourful and aromatic and tasted the best with deep fried puff bread, bhature. Patiaala House definitely becomes your go to restaurant for veg indian food and cholle bhature.
  5. Puri Bhaji: Puri is an indian puff bread that’s deep fried and is served along with bhaji. Bhaji is a liquid curry that’s made with boiled potatoes diced and simmered in liquid gravy of tomato and water.
  6. Aloo Tikki Chat: The aloo tikki chaat is one of the famous indian street foods. Aloo tikki is a patty made with mashed potato which is dipped in flavourful and aromatised liquid. It is topped with onion and coriander.
  7. Samosa: Samosa is a famous go to dish that tastes best with tea and chutney. Samosa is a triangular pocket filled with mashed potato cooked with spices and dry coriander powder. 
  8. Samosa Pav: Crushed Samosa sandwiched between pav and served along with chutneys.

Non Vegetarian Snacks

  1. Chicken Pakoda: Chicken pakoda is a lump of flavoured and minced chicken that’s dipped in a flavoured corn flour batter and is deep fried till golden. The pakoda is paired with ketchup or chutney as per your preference.
  2. Fish Pakoda: Flavourful mix of minced fish that is stuffed and dipped in a batter of corn flour, It is then deep fried till golden and is paired with chutney and onion roundels on choice.

Patiaala House restaurant has the best Indian food review in Bangkok and it ensures that it delivers the most authentic dishes every time. While they take care of their customers at restaurant, they also care about your hunger sitting back at home. Don’t worry, your favourite Indian food is now being delivered across Bangkok!

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