Best Punjabi Food in Bangkok

Did you know where you can get the best Fish main courses in Bangkok? No, well do not worry, Patiaala House has got your cravings covered. The Patiaala house is one of the best Punjabi food Restaurants in Bangkok. 

Fish is one of the most consumed sea foods. The Punjabi style of cookery adds a punch of taste and aroma to every fish recipe. The Patiaala house restaurant is one of the places where you can get Indian fish dishes. The restaurant specialises in authentic Punjabi cuisine and is so far one of the best Indian restaurants in the Sukhumvit district. 

The fish Main courses available at the Patiaala House Restaurant are:

  • Amritsari Fish Masala: The Amritsari Fish Masala calls for the cravings of delicious food. The Fish masala is a gravy based fish recipe prepared in its authentic form at the Patiaala House. The fish is freshly chosen from the select vendors and is marinated in a spicy mix of secret ingredients and aromatic spices. The fish is then cooked at appropriate temperatures and is served with slight gravy and roundels of onion and chopped coriander.
  • Fish Tomato: The fish tomato is one of the select gravy recipes where tomato plays the prime ingredient. The fish fillets are coated in lemon, ginger, garlic paste and salt. It is then pan fried for a while and served with an aromatic soup of seared tomatoes.Then the dish is topped with chopped coriander and served hot. The fish tomato is best combined with Rice.
  • Fish Tawa: The firm fish fillets marinated in soya sauce, black pepper, garlic and ginger etc. The fish is then pan fried till golden and served hot.
  • Fish curry: The punjabi fish curry is one of the best fish based main courses. The curry is full of aromatic spices and gravy. The authentic Indian food cooked at the Patiaala House restaurant is a reward to the nose and taste buds.The fish curry is prepared in a tasty marination of turmeric and red chilli powder, garlic, ginger etc. It is then well cooked in a paste of tomato, garlic, kasuri methi, curry and coriander powders.The Fish tawa is best paired with Roti and rice.
  • Fish Biryani: Fish biryani is one of the favourite rice preparations. It can be paired with any curry or eaten plain. Fish biryani is specially cooked in basmati rice and is full of taste and flavour. The spices mixed to marinate the fish and cook with rice on a high pressure of steam helps make the perfect dish. The Fish biryani is topped with coriander leaves.

The Sukhumvit Indian restaurant, Patiaala House is one of the select restaurants that offer deliveries across the capital city, Bangkok. The Patiaala house is also providing discounts on online deliveries and ensuring safe and sanitised deliveries at your doorstep. When you are hungry, all you have to do is visit the website and place your order where you can also avail special discounts. Answering your food cravings at the convenience of your phones.

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