Pure Veg Indian food in Bangkok

What’s the best vegetarian dish you have ever had? Well we bet you can’t bet one. But have you ever tried exploring vegetarian dishes from different cuisines? Vegetarian food can be hard to find in the sea facing lands of Bangkok, but when you step in the right place, it surely shall be the most exquisite experience.

The Patiaala House restaurant is one of the places where you get the best in class Indian vegetarian food options. The Authentic Indian food of Punjbai cuisine is not ust aromatic and tasty, but also one of the best available in Bangkok. The capital city’s district, Sukhumvit is famous for being home to many restaurants. The Patiaala house becomes one of the select choices of the food lovers. 

Let’s roll our eyes on the Veg portion of the menu:

  1. Amritsari Kulcha: The Patiaala house is famous for the signature dish, Amritsari Kulcha. The Kulcha is served with pickle, curd and chopped onions. The veg variants of the Kulcha are Aloo , Gobhi, Mix, Cheese, Paneer, Onion and Special Laccha Kulchas.
  2. Vegetarian Snacks: Indian snacks can be as wholesome as the main course, Some of which include Pav Bhaji, Chole Bhatura, Aloo tikki Chaat, Puri Bhaji, Mix Pakoda Bhajia, Paneer Pakoda and Samosa Pav. Each of the dishes is veg Indian food and is prepared in it’s authentic style.
  3. Vegetarian Rolls: the rolls are rolled breads with aromatic veg stuffings. The options at Patiaala House Restaurant include Paneer Makhani, Paneer Chilly, Paneer Kathi, Paneer Tikka Rolls.
  4. Vegetarian Starters: The tit bit sized starters that are tasty and easy to consume are always the first preference of every Indian at a restaurant. Some of the variants include Paneer Tikka and Paneer Hariyali Tikka, Mushroom and Mushroom stuffed tikka. The Kebabs available are Veg seekh, Harabhara and Paneer Makhmali Kebab. 
  5. Vegetarian Main Course: Pure Veg Indian Food is unfinished without the delicious main course dishes. The Main course at the Patiaala House Restaurant is varied and is has 30+ options to be chosen from, The veg main couse is as robust as the options available. 
  7. Basmati Rice Preparations and Biryanis: The Patiaala House restaurant comes up with variants that can put you in a dilemma while ordering food. The simple rice dishes like Steamed, Jira and Saffron Rice to full fledged Veg Pulaos and Veg Biryanis can all be one of the best food you’ve ever tried.
  8. Indian Breads: One gets more than 15 choices for Indian breads at the Patiaala House restaurant. From Kulcha, Naan, Parathas to Roti and Bread basket, its all crispy, hot and perfect.
  9. Thali: The Indian Veg thali is a collection of all courses in one platter and is one of the best dishes to order. Ghar ki Thaali and Special Deluxe Thaali are the famous ones.

The Patiaala House ensures that all protocols of food production and delivery are followed amidst the COVID pandemic. Delivering food across Bangkok, order from the website now!

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