Red Meats make the most amazing Treats

What main course curries make your mouth water the most? Are those the vegetarian curries and soups or the delicious meat based curries? If you are the one who craves for red meat or are you the sea food type?

When it comes to Indian cuisine, the North Indian cuisine is one of the select famous foods. The mutton is an inseparable part of the food.

The punjabi food is a core cuisine serving the authentic mutton courses. The taste and aroma of the freshly cooked mutton after being marinated in spices for a long duration is an excuisite aroma. The authentic Indian cuisine in Bangkok is available at the Patiaala House Restaurant.

The main course served at the Patiaala House Restaurant is prepared using authentic cooking techniques and methods. The non vegetarian food and specifically mutton remain a highlight in specific. When you are looking for options like dining and food delivery in Bangkok, Patiaala house restaurant becomes one such restaurant serving food across the city.

Some mouthwatering Mutton dishes include:

  • Mutton Rogan Josh: a traditional Kashmiri dish made with the flavouring agents like Ratan Jog is a thick gravy with a spicy flavour, Thickened using yoghurt, it also consists of fennel seeds and saffron strands. An extremely tasty main course, the Rogan Josh is usually consumed in winters. (Available throughout the year at the restaurant)
  • Mutton Handi: A mutton based gravy flavoured with onions and garlic and made pungent with ginger.Cooked in mustard oil, this dish is further served hot in a coated vessel known as Handi, hence the name.
  • Mutton Palak: The spinach based mutton curry is a famous example of authentic north indian taste. The curry is flavoured with ginger and thickened with yoghurt.
  • Mutton Tikka Tawa masala: A mutton based curry that is flavoured with garam masala and lemon. The addition of spices like ginger and vegetables like tomatoes add to the colour and taste of the dish.
  • Keema Kaleji: The dish means minced meat of mutton liver. The authentic recipe is made with ginger and mustard oil, The Patiaala House Restaurant is one of the top Indian restaurants in Bangkok serving this recipe in its real form.
  • Keema Mutter: The dry gravy consisting of minced mutton and peas mixed with turmeric, cinnamon and curry powder. This is an extension of the mutton recipes and hence provides dry gravy option too.
  • Bheja Masala: Lamb brain is cooked with garam masala and given a tangy flavour with lemon juice. The curry leaves add a special taste to the final product.
  • Mutton Kadhai: Mutton recipe cooked in a Kadhai (an indian bowl shaped pan with thick base) that adds to the colour of the dish. Cooked with tomatoes and garlic, onion and ginger, this dish titillates your taste buds with its texture.

When you are looking for the North Indian food list for lunch Bangkok, it definitely has to be Patiaala House Restaurant as one of the top priorities. Welcome to Bangkok, enjoy the Punjabi cuisine!

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