Restaurants for the Indian Traveller in Bangkok

Food in Bangkok spans the gamut of flavors and cuisines. From authentic Thai, Chinese, Indian and Continental to street food and creative fusion food, Bangkok’s food industry is booming with variety. The culture is remarkably close to Indian culture, and Indians travelling to Bangkok have a gala time immersing themselves in and learning about Thai culture. However, when it comes to food culture, Asian cooking flavors are markedly different from those found in India.

Indian Traveller in Bangkok

Trying out the whole new palate can be an exotic experimental experience for travellers. But many times, the sharp difference can be a little daunting if you have to stay for a longer time. To enable a smooth travelling experience, where you can truly relish the beauty of Bangkok without hindrance, you should be aware of some restaurants you can fall back to:


Wonderfully ranked and reviewed across Bangkok, Indiagate is a must-visit for a taste of delectable Indian cuisine. Of course, Indiagate does not restrict itself to Indian food. The restaurant prides itself on the diversity of its fare, serving contemporary Indian cuisine, innovative fusion food, and gourmet-style authentic Indian meals. Indiagate offers a considerable range of services as well. Whether you crave Indian food in the middle of the night or while touring the city, you can order piping hot home deliveries from Indiagate. Further, if on a business trip, you can conveniently bring your corporate get-togethers to Indiagate to introduce them to the royal cuisine of India.

Patiaala House

A treat for traditional Indian food lovers Patiaala House excels in north Indian cuisine. From signature Punjabi dishes like Butter Chicken to the regal Mughal feasts like Mutton Biryani, the wholesome goodness of genuine north Indian cuisines awaits you. Patiaala House is well known for its family-friendly and warm outing experience. The ambience is simple and exceptionally elegant, making it one of the first choices for pocket-friendly meals with the perfect fine-dine experience. The beloved eatery offers efficient buffet services for all occasions and also has a reputation for delivering Indian food warm to your doorstep. Patiaala House is the most wholistic, warm thing

Asoka Restaurant

Asoka restaurant stands levels apart from other restaurants in Bangkok. Where the generic restaurant sticks to a single theme as part of its ambience and cuisine statement, Asoka is a culinary wonderland with facilities culinary wonderland, with something for every occasion. There are cosy booths for a warm, private meal, and huge halls laid out for quality buffet parties. On the other hand, there is a sleek VIP lounge catering to those with exquisite tastes, as well as an open garden restaurant for a warm meal under the stars! Each of these spaces comes with a unique ambience and aura, and each has relevant features. All these spaces come together with music and dance facilities, and some even boast dedicated bars. From authentic Indian buffets to gourmet fusion cuisine, Asoka offers all. With the ability to show you a different experience at every visit, Asoka is a must-visit for travellers.

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