Right way to relish the Indian food- Here it is!

Punjab is a land of fun loving and hardworking farmers in the Indian subcontinent. The people, language and on top of all the food drives people more tended to Punjab than anything else. The festivals, culture and everything that is specific about Punjab is clearly reflected in its cuisine and the style of serving the food and eating it.

Punjab is believe that the actual way of having their food is food made with love as its prime ingredient and eaten with use of both your palms. It is so delicious, spicy, tangy and mouthful at the same time that the one who tries it for the first time will always want to eat it over and over again.

The ideal way of having Punjabi food is serving it in Utensils made with hammered copper outer lining and stainless steel on the inside. Earthen wares are prominently used in Punjabi cuisine to serve curries and Lentil soups. Stainless steel plates and cutleries are used to serve breads and eat the curries.

Some famous utensils that are a part of Service gears include

  1. Handi  (Hammered copper bowl)
  2. Karchi  (Spatula used to serve the curries)
  3. Gilas (Glass made out of steel/ hammered copper)
  4. Casserole (To serve and store Indian breads)
  5. Chullha (The stove used to make smoked curries)
  6. Parat (Plate used to serve food)
  7. Tawa (Flat pan used to cook Indian breads)

Right ways to enjoy Punjabi food:

  1. Paneer Makhmali Kebab/ Chicken Reshami Kebab:

These vegetarian and non vegetarian variants of kebab are extremely juicy and coated with amazing marination.

Serving style: The kebabs are typically served in a flat Bone china plate with roundels of onion, juliennes of carrot and lemon wedges. The dip that goes along is a Coriander and mint chutney with coarsely ground black pepper and salt cruet on the side. It can further be given a smoky texture with live barbeque.  One shall prefer using their hands instead of cutlery to completely enjoy the taste and dip.

Taste: Spicy, tangy.   Texture: Soft and juicy.

2) Cholle and Amritsari Kulchas (plain and stuffed)

This is an authentic Punjabi main course consists of mildly spicy Chick pea curry and Indian stuffed bread known as Kulcha.

Serving style: Served in a Stainless steel plate with outer lining of Hammered copper. The curry and bread are accompanied with lemon wedges and onion rings. We can also have it along with pickle of choice.

Taste: Spicy      Texture: Smooth and soft for the curry;

Crisp and  stuffed for the breads.                

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