Say Toodles to your Hunger with some Wholesome Noodles

Noodles are an inseparable part of any menu across the world. The main course majorly consists of noodles when it comes to various cuisines. The Noodles play a vital role in many International cuisines because of its nutritional contents and the way it mingles with every soup and sauce.

We have majorly seen that Noodles are one of the core commodities that contain a high carbohydrate and protein content. Noodles are specifically rich in vitamins. When these ingredients are mixed with several other curries, sauces and oil, they make a wholesome meal.

Your mind would generally question you that which is the best Indian takeout near me Bangkok, we at Patiaala House Restaurant are the answer. The Patiaala House Restaurant ensures that you get authentic noodle preparations cooked by the hands of our experienced chefs.


  • Vegetable Hakka Noodles: A noodle preparation consisting of long noodles with soy sauce, beans, hot chili sauce, spring onion etc. served in a bowl.
  • Vegetable Schezwan Noodles: a noodle preparation with noodles coated in Schezwan sauce and cooked along with spring onions, green chilies, green beans, vinegar and topped with pepper and salt. Indian Veg food delivery Bangkok is most famous when it comes to Schezwan Noodles as they are liked by many people.
  • Vegetable Garlic Noodles: A garlic based noodle dish which consisting of pan fried garlic, noodles, beans, cut bell peppers, salt and pepper. It’s served hot in a bowl and presented to you.
  • Vegetable Shanghai noodles with Vegetable Sauce: The famous noodle preparation from Shanghai region of China is cooked with cabbage, bell peppers, beans and black pepper.
  • Vegetable Chowmein (Bombay Style): The famous Indian version of chowmein coming from the commercial capital of India is Bombay Style chowmein. It consists of Spring onions, beans and bell peppers cut in juliennes. One can enjoy it through going on website of Patiaala House restaurant and order food online in Bangkok.


  • Chicken Hakka Noodles: A non-vegetarian form of Hakka noodles with dices of chicken tossed in oil and served hot in a bowl.
  • Chicken Schezwan Noodles: The non-vegetarian variant of Hakka noodles consisting of chicken pieces in it coated with Schezwan sauce.
  • Chicken Garlic Noodles: A noodle dish with tangy chicken and pan fried garlic. It is available in Bangkok Indian restaurant, Patiaala House through dine in and online methods.
  • Chicken Shanghai Noodles: The non-vegetarian and tangy form of the veg noodles with few dices of chicken and essence of aromatic bell peppers.
  • Chicken chowmein (Bombay style): This recipe is the non-veg variant of the Bombay Style chowmein with pieces of chicken added to it and tossed in soy sauce.

The Noodles originated in China but they also got spread across the world with the spread of Oriental and Asian cuisine. Every country adjusts the tastes as per their eating habits however the core ingredients remain unaffected.

The Patiaala House is one such Indian Restaurants in Sukhumvit that serves world class Noodles at the most amazing prices!

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