Stuffed Indian Breads at best Indian Fine Dine Restaurants in Bangkok

Indian breads are one of the delicacies that every Indian needs while having the meals. Be it lunch or dinner, the Indian breads are an inseparable part of the cuisine. The Patiaala House restaurant is one such restaurants in the laps of the Thai subcontinent, Bangkok where the Indian food lovers get the best Indian breads.

The Indian breads come in various styles, but the most wholesome is the Stuffed Indian Bread. These stuffed breads are topped with melted butter and are crispy in texture. The Patiaala House happens to serve the various sorts of stuffed breads that include:


  • Garlic Naan: Delicious food like Indian curries are best paired with Garlic naan. The garlic naan is an Indian bread stuffed with garlic and topped with butter. It is toasted in a clay oven, Tandoor and is generally of the tear drop shape.
  • Kulcha: The Amritsari Kulcha is a clay oven based bread which is made in typical Punjabi style of cooking. The Kulcha is served with onion roundels and butter, pickle etc. The Kulcha is best paired with curd and is stuffed in various fillings like:
    • Aloo Kulcha
    • Gobi Kulcha
    • Mix Kulcha
    • Paneer Kulcha
    • Cheese Kulcha
    • Onion Kulcha
    • Spl. Laccha Kulcha
    • Chicken Keema Kulcha
    • Mutton Keema Kulcha
    • Spl. Chicken Laccha Kulcha
    • Spl. Mutton Laccha Kulcha
  •  Stuffed Paratha with Curd: The stuffed Paratha is an integral part of authentic Indian food and is served along with curd. The Stuffed paratha can also be enjoyed along with Main course curries. 
  • Omelette Paratha with Curd: The omelette paratha is an Indian bread which is served covered with omelette along with butter. It is extremely nutritious and is rich in proteins. The Omelette paratha is also loved by people who are gym lovers.


  • Chicken Keema Paratha with Curd: The Chicken Keema Paratha is much loved by non-vegetarians. The Chicken Keema paratha is made with minced and spiced chicken stuffed in the Wheat bread and pan fried to golden brown colour. The paratha is crispy in texture and is generally served with curd. One must always try it as it is and then try it with accompaniments. Chicken keema paratha is one of the two non-vegetarian Indian breads of the Sukhmvit Indian Restaurant, Patiaala House.
  • Mutton Keema Paratha with curd: The mutton keema paratha as the name suggests is a stuffed paratha made with minced mutton fillings. The mutton is freshly chosen from select suppliers as per the food safety guidelines. The Patiaala House serves it with curd and is best presented in its authentic form on a steel plate.

The Patiaala House restaurant also serves food across Bangkok through its online deliveries. When you browse for Indian Restaurants near me in Bangkok, Patiaala House is the first choice. Following every protocol of cooking, delivering and serving, the employees are trained to maintain social distancing every time. The Patiaala House is also open to take away orders. Order now!

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