7 Tasty & Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Healthiest thing you start your morning with? Breakfast. Every health guide, dieting manual, nourishment expert, genuine physician, and all-knowing family relative will tell you to have a  healthy breakfast every morning without fail. The benefits are many. Waking up to a thoughtful breakfast can make for a good start to your day. The one trouble with breakfasts is that we end up making the same things. Milk and cereal become a daily item, boiled eggs and buttered bread are the staple and a glass of juice or coffee become the one stop solution to breakfast drinks. But what if every day of the week saw a new taste at breakfast? What if the first meal became that one exciting thing you woke up for? So here are some breakfast items from around the world to engage you every morning!

Stuffed Parathas

These Indian pan-cooked breads are delicious treats to start your morning with. Parathas are made from a healthy wheat flour dough made with ghee or clarified butter. Little balls of dough are flattened with a rolling pin, and cooked atop a flat pan aided by ghee. Parathas can be stuffed with almost any vegetable you want, from peas and cauliflower to potatoes and mixed vegetables. You can serve these with pickles, fresh curd and even a hot cup of tea!

Steamed Buns

A very popular Chinese breakfast item, steamed buns can be made with any stuffing you desire in any flour you prefer. From eggplant, eggs and pork for savoury buns to bean paste, sesame seeds and sugar for sweet buns. You can have these with meat based soup for the perfect balance of sweet, salt, hot and umami. Pairing these buns with chamomile, jasmine or other blossom tea is a widely followed practise in China.

Vegetable/Meat Strata

This classic Italian dish is a must-try for breakfast. Using a base of eggs and milk beaten together with salt, pepper, and mustard, you can freeze prepared ingredients overnight, meaning very less work in the morning! Pre-cook veggies like peppers, onions and spinach with sausages or chicken chunks and mix these with cubed bread, zucchini, and the egg mixture in a bowl. Freeze the same in an oven dish and leave overnight. The next morning, you only need to bake it in the oven for a brilliant breakfast item that is perfect for guests.

Gai Yang

Grilled chicken is a great way to add the necessary protein to your breakfast that will pull you through the day. Served with the classic side of sticky rice, grilled chicken is a very popular breakfast item. For a fibre boost, grill a bunch of fresh vegetables with the chicken. Preparing this dish is not very complicated and makes for a quick and healthy breakfast.

Cholle Kulcha

Nearly a staple in north India, Cholle Kulcha is a vegetarian’s delight. Kulcha is a mildly leavened flatbread cooked with poppy seeds and coriander. Cholle is a preparation of chickpeas is a spicy curry flavoured with onions, garlic, pepper and cloves. This dish will pull you through the day with the protein and fibre in cholle.

The English Breakfast

Made popular throughout the world, the classic English breakfast comprises much more. Sausages, eggs and bacons serve as the protein components, whereas bread and beans give you the carbs and fibre you need. Tomatoes, mushrooms, kidneys and potatoes can further impart this meal the vitamins and fibre that complements the protein intake. Serve this up with a cup of tea and you are good to go.

Pav Bhaji

This treat comes from the spicy kitchens of India. A favourite among kids and adults alike, Pav Bhaji is a very easy dish to prepare. You can even make bhaji out of any leftover vegetable preparation. Bhaji consists of boiled and mashed vegetables cooked with garam masala, pepper, salt, tomato puree, onions and chilli powder. The pav buns are a unique shape, often crisply baked with butter or ghee (clarified butter). Pav bhaji is served with raw onions and garnished with coriander to make for a fresh and filling meal! Pav bhaji is not only a breakfast item but also serves as an evening pick-me-up snack.

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