The Benefits of Ordering Food Delivery

Every day, the Coronavirus pandemic forces people into staying at home, minimizing social contact and being careful about how one ventures out, if at all they need to. Together, Bangkok is following all the steps to stay home, stay safe. Wearing masks and washing hands has become a practice for the health and safety of our community. But staying at home at all times can become tiring and trying for us. How long can one stay away from friends and family, alone? The lucky thing is, we have our loved ones just a video call away. And that’s not all. The city’s community has come together to create a space where people can share their experience, come together in this fight against the virus. The restaurants of Bangkok are doing their bit. They are bringing out their best fares at exceptional discounts, providing meals via online, hands-free delivery, and doing their bit to create a community by ensuring everyone can enjoy their favourite meals and share their thoughts. 

  • Put happiness first!

Everyone can agree that good food means good life. Anytime you’re feeling down, a good, hearty meal can make you smile! But given that malls and restaurants are not taking visitors, you may have trouble planning a perfect evening to relax and rejuvenate. Ordering food online can grant you that one meal full of joy and warmth to reconnect with your family. So order something special, spread pillows out on the floor, and watch your favourite TV shows with your family! Make one evening in a week about fun, relaxation and love.

  • Connect with your friends

Every day, the news brings something sad to you. For those who are living alone in this time, life can seem friendless and lonely. What do you do when you want to reconnect with a person? You take them out to munch on their favourite food! So why stop now? Find someone you haven’t heard from with hot food delivery, and share a meal over a video call. Maybe you’ll make their days happier! Even better, play a game with your friends: order a dish for your friend, while they order something for you, see how well they know you!

  • Never stop exploring

Every week, my family used to go out to a new restaurant as an outing. We tried to keep things exciting by choosing a completely different one each time. We had Italian one week, and Indian the next! Even while staying at home, you can bring a sense of newness by exploring the various cuisines Bangkok has to offer. With the discounts and facilities today, this could be a rewarding experience. Try a dish you’ve never had before, and share it with your friends and family! Tell the restaurant how you liked it, they’ll appreciate your thoughts.

  • Safety

By staying at home, you are working towards making Bangkok healthy again. But that doesn’t mean there are no safe ways to enjoy an evening of fine dining. Many restaurants have adapted well to the movement restrictions by training their staff and following strict protocols to ensure safety and health. Indiagate, for example, has trained every staff member, from the food procurer and the chef to the delivery man, to follow hygienic practices from the kitchen to your doorstep. Many such trustworthy restaurants are operating to ensure your daily meals are delivered with social distancing and staying at home. So the next time you crave your favourite appetizers and meals, make sure you order online!

  • Stay Active

Food connects people in ways few other things can. If today, you share your experience of a new and exciting dish with your friends, it is sure to make someone’s day interesting. And during the boredom of staying at home, you can choose any activity to keep yourself engrossed! Try out all kinds of new food and write about them. Maybe, you could make your version of them at home. Maybe, every day could be a fine dining experience with the finest dishes served in the most fun ways! But most importantly, share your ideas, experiences, and creativity with people online. Make a community and challenge each other to stay creative and happy. Because if Bangkok stays healthy together, nothing can bring you down!

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