The Best in Class Chinese Food

The essence of the chinese food can always be enjoyed away from Mainland China. The sauces , the tangy flavor and the crunchy food is extremely mouthful and robust. Chinese cuisine is one of the most famous cuisines across the world. When in Bangkok, the most delicious main course and starters are served at the Indian Restaurant in Bangkok named Patiaala House.

Counted amongst one of the best Indian Restaurants in Sukhumvit, The Patiaala House serves best in class food from various parts of India and China.

Chinese Food

Some of the amazing Vegetarian Main course delicacies include:

  • Vegetable Manchurian Sauce: The vegetarian Manchurian sauce is an extremely delicious recipe made with finely chopped onions, garlic, green chillies,soy and red chilli sauce. It is served hot with Manchurian balls dipped In it. The combination of sauce with the Manchurian balls is really worth the try.
  • Exotic Vegetable with choice of sauce: the Exotic vegetable with choice of sauce is an eclectic recipe of the popular Indian Restaurant in Bangkok that serves the dish with the dash of different flavours.
  • Paneer in Choice of Sauce: Cottage cheese dressed in the tangy and thick sauce of different varieties, this dish will relish your appetite. The options of sauce available are Chilly, Schezwan, Black Pepper, Black Bean, manchurian and hot garlic.

Non-Vegetarian Main course delicacies include:

  • Chicken in choice of sauce: The chicken dipped in thick gravy sauces of the top Indian Restaurant in Bangkok, speak volumes about the intricate flavouring techniques of the sauces used. Available in choices of Chilly, Schezwan, Black Pepper, Black Bean, Manchurian, Hot Garlic suauces, the dish replicates the authentic taste of chinese subcontinent in the Thai Land.
  • Fish in choice of Sauce: the sea food lovers shall definitely dine in or order food online in bangkok for trying the Fish with their choice of sauce. The fish is dipped in sauces like Chilly, Schezwan, Black Pepper, Black Bean, Manchurian,Hot Garlic and served piping hot in a bowl.
  • Prawns in choice of sauce: the people who love eating prawns shall definitely try this dish which enhances the taste and crisp of prawns with its delicious sauces. The Prawns are served with a similar choice of sauce as Fish and chicken, yet stand out in taste and texture. Select quality of seafood is chosen to be served on your plates and enrich your experience of authentic main courses every time.

The Indian fine Dining restaurant in Bangkok never fails to astonish you with the exquisite taste and menu set up. The service is unmatched and is highly personalised. The Shaan of North Indian Cuisine, Patiaala House also serves the best Chinese food items in Bangkok. Accompanying your food craving with some of select drinks, the Patiaala house restaurant is a perfect example of a restaurant serving Authentic Indian food in Bangkok.
Miss Asian Food? Step into Patiaala House now!

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