The Best Restaurants in Bangkok with Delivery during QUARANTINE

No matter how much we want to experience a foreign place, we always feel nostalgic and yearn for home food. Especially during this phase of pandemic where every situation is monitored and assessed, it becomes tough to go out to your favourite restaurant or takeaway, as social distancing should be maintained to stop the spread of the disease. But the good news is that corona virus does not spread through food, this is what Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has been consistent on. But most people are befuddled and confused whether ordering food online is safe or not. See, it totally depends on the restaurant or takeaway. These days restaurants are taking required precautions and are constantly assuring their consumers that their safety is of utmost concern. Most of them are even doing temperature check on daily basis. We will talk about two such restaurants in Bangkok which are keeping your concerns in mind, have well trained delivery executives and are taking all precautionary measures to ensure your safety:

Patiaala House

One of the most tempting and alluring places to order Indian food in Bangkok is Patiaala House. The flavours are so authentic and real that it will make you feel right at home. Here you will experience a kaleidoscope of tastes and flavours. Patiaala house understands all your requirements and covid concerns. The preparation are such that you need not to worry or think twice before ordering.

In the time of the pandemic, we know you have been careful while following the safety measures. Safety has been a part of your day to day practice, isn’t it? Patiaala House team understands your health concerns and why it is important for them to be observant and attentive especially now. Food safety guidelines and standards are being followed even before the COVID-19 pandemic. But special measures are being taken since the responsibility has been substantially increased. Such measures includes, staff use of gloves and hand sanitizer, food packages are touched minimally, kitchen is sanitized and so on!

Indiagate Restaurant:

There is a saying that nothing brings people together like good food. Whether you are travelling to Bangkok with your friends or with your family or on your own, another astonishing and delightful restaurant in the list is Indiagate Restaurant that will suit all of your dining preferences even when you are ordering the food. It is one of the most unique and amazing restaurants in Bangkok to order Indian food. A variety of Indian food options are available here. The space is neat, clean and hygiene is maintained in the kitchen. As at Indiagate, the team understands that the kitchen is the heart of any home. Therefore, they take care of the place where your meal is created. Especially during this COVID-19 time, they understand the fact that, it is essential to ensure that your food is safe. Since the corona virus survives on objects for a certain period of time, Package is handled properly to avoid cross contamination. Hence, the staff keeps on washing hands as hand washing is important to fight corona virus. Symptoms are checked regularly in staff. They understand the importance of protecting you and the society.

Many people believe that nostalgia makes the food taste better. And tasting food can send you straight down memory lane and spark those memories in your mind. But because of pandemic anxiety, misinformation has been spread about food delivery, we feel a bit downcast. Well, we would like to inform you that only packaging is the main concern as corona virus can stick on materials. Here you have to take just a little precaution. Maintain proper hand hygiene, dispose the package immediately and opt for cashless payment. And here you are with your favourite meal! The longing for Indian food can be satisfied no matter where you are in this world.
As we know there are adaptions of Indian food around the world, but authenticity matters right? Plus, we have different cravings on different occasions. And especially in a city like Bangkok not many good Indian food options are available. There are two best places to visit when it comes to experiencing luscious and authentic Indian food in Bangkok.
Everyone likes astonishing Indian meal with a twist and yes an awesome dining experience, but you can compare the services and prices of different restaurants while ordering online. Moreover, the service is around the clock in Bangkok! The ordering process is easier and quicker. Being a cyber itinerant, all you have to do is grab your mobile, order and you are few steps away from having your delicious meal. Its’s simple, it’s easy!

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