The Patiaala House: Best Veg Indian Food Pairings in Bangkok

Do you know what’s the best thing about the seaside capital city of Thailand? It’s the multi cuisine restaurants and the vegetarian food that is served in the foodie streets of Bangkok. One of the best places to have vegetarian food is Patiaala House Restaurant. When you are trying to search for the best Indian Restaurant near me in Bangkok, Patiaala house becomes the choicest restaurant for a perfect vegetarian retreat. Patiaala house delivers food online across the city and is open over the major hours of the day.

When we are talking about Indian food, we should never forget the pairings of main course dishes like curries and Indian breads along with breads. The Indian food majorly revolves around four courses, however a typical Indian would always eat what they love first and keep the sweets as an end course.

The famous Indian food pairings include

  • Malai Kofta and Tandoori Roti:Malai Kofta is a signature dish of authentic Indian food and is best paired with the crispy brick oven baked Tandoori roti. The crispiness of the Roti along with the creamy texture of Malai Kofta, stuffed with potato is a perfect combo.
  • Amritsari Cholle with Kulcha: The signature Punjabi Stuffed Kulcha bread is best paired with Amritsari Cholle (Amritsar style chickpea curry). It is served along with roundels of onion and topped with butter.
  • Makka Di Roti and Sarso da Saag: Blanched and sauteed mustard leaf curry stewed to make a dense curry is served along with the crispy Makka di Roti. Makka di Roti is an Indian bread made with maize flour and clarified butter. This pairing is one of the favourite for Punjabi food lovers. The Sukhumvit Indian Restaurant, Patiaala House serves authentic Sarso da saag and Makka di Roti.
  • Palak Paneer and Roomali Roti: The thinnest Indian bread, Roomali Roti is an Art. The roti is swivelled in air and is made to land on a preheated reverse metal pot. Palak Paneer is the blanched and sauteed curry of spinach tossed along with fried cottage cheese. It makes the perfect pair for Punjabi Food lovers.
  • Dal Tadka and Jeera Rice: Dal tadka is an Indian lentil soup which is mixed with tempered aromatic spices and hence served with Jeera Rice. The Jeera rice is a steamed rice preparation pan tossed with tempered cumin seeds and served hot.
  • Bhindi Masala with Tawa Paratha: Paratha is a pan fried Indian bread made with wheat flour dough. The Bhindi Masala is a stuffed Okra dish again shallow fried on low flame to retain the authentic flavour. 
  • Rajma Masala and Steam Rice:  A curry made with overnight soaked red kidney beans and served like a thick base curry. The Rajma masala contains a mix of chopped onions and other aromatic spices and is best paired with steamed plain rice.

Patiaala House restaurant serves one of the best pure veg Indian food with the choicest delicacies in their menu. The restaurant follows all the COVID19 guidelines and serves the food cooked in the most authentic form.

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