Vegetarian Indian Recipes

In today’s age of food saturated with unhealthy ingredients, everyday life needs a regular health boost. The necessity of a fibre rich diet is ever growing. Once in a while, shifting to a vegetarian meal is considered to be extremely beneficial. Unfortunately, a popular notion is that vegetarian food is simply not as delicious or easy-to-cook! Proving otherwise, we have collected a few vegetarian Indian recipes that are healthy as well as packed with flavour. These are easy-to-cook dishes that are sure to give you a dose of good health:


  • Hara Bhara Kabab
    Made by shallow frying a a cutlet of vegetables and a generous ratio of spinach, hara bhara kababs can be had separately with tamarind chutney and freshly prepared salad, or thin rotis.
  • Mix Veg Kadhai

Usually had with rotis, mix veg handi is a sabzi or spiced vegetable using a variety of vegetables like beans, cauliflower, cabbage, peas, carrots, mushrooms, tomatoes, potatoes, and so on in its preparation. The healthy dish contains a wide range of flavours and spices.

  • Bhindi Masala

This dish is a flavour bomb, a preparation of Okra, or bhindi. Onions and spices play a major role in bringing out the range of taste of this dish. Cumin, mustard seeds, and chillis are part of the spice mixture. The dish is served with rotis.

  • Dal Tadka

An integral part of everyday meals in India, Dal Tadka is versatile and can be served with rice, rotis, parathas, or naans. It is a protein rich, flavour-filled preparation of yellow pulses. It is spiced with cumin, rye, onions, turmeric, and salt.

  • Missi Roti

Extremely healthy, especially during the winter months, Missis Roti is a Punjabi speciality, and is served with a variety of gravy based dishes. It is a flatbread made from besani or gram flour. It is a seasonal delicacy.

  • Makka Di Roti

Similar to missi roti, makka di roti is a seasonal local Punjabi delicacy; a flatbread made from corn flour. It is considered to be very healthy during the cold months, and can be served with all vegetable preparations, especially sarson da saag.

  • Cucumber Raita

A meaningful, and healthy condiment to any meal, cucumber raita is made by mixing freshly chopped cucumber stripes to whisked and thinned curd. Spices may also be added in the form of a tadka to the preparation to give it added flavour.

  • Vegetable Pulao

A steamed rice preparation that adds the goodness of a variety of vegetables to rice, vegetable pulao includes carrots, potatoes, peas, beans, cauliflower, cabbage and sometimes even tomatoes. It is a fibre and carbohydrate rich diet flavoured with turmeric, salt, red chilli powder, and cumin seeds.

  • Buttermilk (Chaas)

A wondrous drink made by whisking thinned curd, butter milk works miracles for the digestive system. Especially during the dry summer months, chaas is the healthiest drink across Punjab. 

  • Jal Jeera

Made from tamarind, jal jeera has cumin, mint, black salt, pepper, cardamom, chilli, and so on. The range of flavours make this a spicy drink that is very healthy for the hot summer months. Jal jeera is served cold, before meals so that its digestive properties can work their magic.


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