Wholesome Food Combinations at Popular Indian Restaurants in Bangkok

The Indian food is always one of the best and has many varieties when it comes to any cuisine that has multiple courses and food options. The food cooked in the Indian kitchens, households and cookery is one of the most authentic and nutritious one in the whole wide world. The Indian food shall never get compromised in taste, quality and flavour when you are in a foreign land.

Well, we got you all covered in Bangkok when you want to search for North Indian and Punjabi food restaurant in Bangkok right here at the Patiaala House Restaurant, the Shaan of Indian and Punjabi cuisine. Serving food to foodies who wish to have a dine in experience and they deliver in the entire city. The ones who wish to order and take it away, don’t you worry, we have the option available too. All you have to do is order online from the website

The best Indian combinations for a wholesome meal are here, check them out and order now:

  • Dal Makhni and Jeera Rice: The creamy textured lentil soup of India Dal Makjhani isprepared from whole black grams and is given a boil over hours to bring it to a thick soup like consistency. It is tempered using spices, tomato, onion, garlic etc. The best pairing is the Cumin fried rice also known as the Jeera Rice. 
  • Dal Tadka and Steamed Rice: The Dal tadka is an Indian lentil soup made by pressure cooking the Yellow split pigeon pea, tuar dal which is tempered using spices. The Dal Tadka as the name suggests gets its flavour from the tempered spices and is best pared with steam cooked plain rice. Patiaala House is one of the few fine Indian dining restaurant Bangkok that serves this combination in its authentic form.
  • Butter Chicken and Plain/ Butter Naan: The creamy textured chicken curry, butter chicken consists of chicken pieces that are covered in a tomato based creamy gravy and topped with a heavy dash of butter and cream. The Dish is best paired with crispy clay oven baked Indian bread Naan. The naan can either be stuffed/ plain or topped with a dash of butter.
  • Mutton Rogan Josh and Tawa Paratha/ Naan: The Kashmiri curry of Mutton rogan josh is one of the richest curries of the Indian cookery. The dish is served Indian breads like Naan or Tawa Paratha. The crisp of the bread and the sumptuous mutton gel really well.
  • Egg Curry and Tandoori Roti: The tomato based boiled egg curry is full of taste and is a perfect dish for those who don’t want to eat vegetarian or non-vegetarian either. The curry is best suited with Tandoori roti which is a fine, thick and crisp oven baked Indian bread. One can have tandoori roti with or without butter depending on the taste.

Order Punjabi food online Bangkok now from nowhere else but Patiaala House. Your taste buds are craving some flavoursome meal!


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