Why Patiaala House is the Top Indian Restaurant in Bangkok?

The Shaan of Indian Cuisine, Patiaala House is a landmark eating destination of Bangkok streets. The Ratchathewi District is home to many multi cuisine restaurants, which also adorns this Indian Restaurant
like a crown. The star of Indian cuisine shines amidst the bustling streets of Bangkok which is also a city of food lovers and restaurants that serve best in class dishes.

The delicious Indian food in Bangkok is available at the restaurant that serves authentic North Indian cuisine in options like dining and at your door step. The multiple courses of dishes available both in Veg and Non-veg is a compliment of the Indian taste. When an Indian soul or any foodie craves food rich in taste, aroma and spices, the Patiaala House restaurant becomes your one stop destination for all your cravings.

The Food delivery in Bangkok done by the Patiaala House Restaurant covers entire city and has a menu available that carries large variety of food. The starters, main course, side dishes, accompaniments, drinks and desserts form a perfect meal. Weaving stories of the Indian land through the method of serving food and getting it plated to people is worth a try.

The Patiaala House Restaurant is a place cooking delicacies that come from hands of experienced chefs. It also has the Classic North Indian food menu list for lunch Bangkok.

The Patiaala House Restaurants serves various courses which include:

  • Kulchas: The Indian breads made with fine wheat and toasted in clay ovens , is either served stuffed or plain. It is further topped with butter and served with curries and main course.
  • Snacks and Rolls: The vegetarian and non vegetarian stuffed rolls that come in varied options are quite prevalent in Indian cuisine. Eaten as a starter, these rolls are spicy and tasty. Other snacks include Pav Bhaji, Chole Bhature and a variety of Pakoras. The Indian cuisine is famous for its variety and decent appeal of taste.
  • Veg and Non-Veg starters: The veg and Non-veg starters are an integral part of any food. The bite sized kebabs,tikkas, sea food dishes, and the palettes of multiple dishes are a core attraction.
  • Veg and Non-Veg Main Course: The veg and non-veg main courses are a specialty of Indian Food. The veg main course includes Dals, Curries and dry gravy vegetable preparations. The Non-veg course includes gravies of Chicken, mutton, fish and prawn. The Patiaala House also gives an option of egg curries.
  • Rice preparations: The rice preparations include Veg and Non veg biryanis, plain rice, Pulao and flavoured rice.
  • Indian Breads: Indian breads include Rotis,Parathas, Naans and Kulchas in stuffed and plain forms.
  • Thali: The whole set platter of main and side courses is a specialty of Indian cuisine which is absolutely stomach filling.

The Patiaala House Restaurant also serves Chinese cuisine and specializes in Noodle Preparations. The desserts served here are impeccable in taste and enrich your taste buds with flavor.

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